Thursday, 22 November 2007

The joys of (pre-)motherhood...

Today was a not-emerge-from-under-the-duvet sort of day. A man came to check our radiator in the bedroom whilst I was knocked out in bed. (My husband was around though for all you moralists.)This is not my normal sort of behaviour, but since finding out I was pregnant things have not been normal. I felt horribly gulity about not going to work but vomitting over my colleagues would probably not be very sensible. I did wonder what other women in my predicament were going through. I'm still waiting with great enthusiasm for the dream period when you are meant to be glowing, healthy, vital etc but it's not happened yet. Early preganancy has been quite hard going, it's like a daily hangover without the drink the night before. I'm getting very dubious of these shiny faced mamas in magazines who do their international jetsetting and cope ever so well with the sickness. In common parlance I feel like a wuss.

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