Wednesday, 5 December 2007

The Devil's Advocate's Thoughts for the Day

Here are some meaningless epigrams for today, which I may or may not believe in (please delete as applicable):

Consumerism is like Medieval Christianity, in that it persuades us that every day may well be the last day of the world.

The jobsworth is Dr. Faustus minus ambition. Instead of selling his or her soul to the devil, the jobsworth just sells his or her soul to an institution.

Democracy never works because it's never been tried. The same could be said for liberalism.

Democracy and liberalism are impossibilities.

The human is the individual; the anti-human is the collective, of any and all kinds.

Marxism is capitalism plus authoritarianism.

Socialism is the abdication of social responsibility.

-isms are designed for people who can't think for themselves.

Feminism is the last of the grand narratives. It's a story told by capitalism to turn the other 50% of the population into wage-slaves.

Apathy is the new radicalism.

Reality is narrative, which is the same as saying that reality is fiction.

History is full of people who believe things, and history shows that they are always the most dangerous people.

All of the worst crimes in history are perpetrated by people following orders. The people giving the orders are neither here nor there. No one had to listen to them if they didn't want to.

Reality is narrative, which means that all epigrams - which, by definition, don't have a narrative - are unreal.

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