Friday, 4 January 2008

Jonathan's New Year's Resolutions

A Hery Vappy Yew Near to everyone. Generally speaking, I don't go in for New Year's Resolutions, Revelations, Revolutions, Ridiculations, Recitations or Recantations. After all, most people's New Year's Resolutions are (a) eminently predictable, and (b) identical, year in and out, and therefore rather depressing. Resolutions are proof, if any were needed, that history is as circular as it is linear: every year we promise the same things, just as (on a very different scale) every war is meant to be the war that ends all wars, and every revolution promises the millennium and ends up delivering tyranny.

But, for what they're worth, here goes:

1. Learn to drive (same resolution as last year).
2. Drink less (same resolution as last year, though since I actually ended up drinking more last year, this should be achieveable).
3. Write more (easy, since I wrote so little last year) and better (not so easy).
4. Learn how to shave properly, after 19 years of cutting myself and not the stubble.
5. Stop shouting at the News on TV. After all, it never seems to listen, rude machine that it is.

Less of this in 2008 ....

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mantic59 said...

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