Friday, 22 August 2008

Life goes between feeds

Fans of this blog may have realised that I, (Mrs Jonathan), have been strangely absent from this blog. There were some fairly reasonable excuses for this, such as pregnancy, illness, hospitals, twins and the like. For 3 months of my life I lived in a altogether foreign dimension. Yes I was part of the world but in a detached, distant way. But gradually things have assumed a sense of normality, my head doesn't feel as if it's a lie any more. I have got used to the strangest things such as night feeding, not much sleep and having to get everything done in between feeds. The babies need to be fed and changed every 4 hours and they sleep longer during the night. This means that life has to be lived 'in between feeds', in fact if I were to write my autobiography I think it would be called 'in between feeds' because that's when I have to do the normal stuff that usualy goes into an autobiography.

Having come out of this weird hibernation period I see not much has changed; the shops are still shops; summers still have rain and teenagers are still binge drinking etc. However, their are new things to add to 'normal' life which actually are very lovely such as babies' smiles, coos and gurgles and getting this rush of affection for the little dears. Just let me get enough sleep, ladies.

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